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How IMODIUM® Products Work

IMODIUM® products help to restore your body's natural rhythm.

Your digestive system

When something disrupts the everyday cycle of your digestive system, it can go into overdrive and as a result absorbs less salt and liquid, leaving the stools loose or watery. IMODIUM® works by helping to restore the natural rhythm of your digestive system.

Your digestive system is a complex and sensitive set of organs. When it’s working normally, nutrients, salts and fluid are passed in a gentle rhythm from the stomach into the small intestine and then into the colon. The small intestine and colon absorb salts and water to leave a normal stool consistency.

When your digestive system becomes irritated, the normally steady and regular movement of the intestines can become overactive. The result is that salts and fluid are moved through too quickly and less is absorbed by the body causing loose or watery stools, otherwise known as diarrhoea.

IMODIUM® products work locally on the digestive system, slowing movement down to reduce the loss of salts and fluids to help relieve diarrhoea.

IMODIUM® products work with your body

IMODIUM® contains an ingredient called Loperamide that works to gently calm the digestive system into a normal rhythm. Your body can then absorb more fluids, with less fluid in the intestines and leading to a normal stool consistency.

When you treat your diarrhoea with IMODIUM®, it works gently with your body to alleviate your discomfort. IMODIUM® helps restore the rhythm of your digestive system.

History and expertise

IMODIUM® has a long history of helping people treat their diarrhoea. Every day, millions of people around the world turn to IMODIUM® for help with their diarrhoea and keeping their life in rhythm.



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Where to buy

IMODIUM® is available from supermarkets, pharmacies and online.